Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What does K&M Yachtbuilders build?

K&M Yachtbuilders is dedicated to the construction of custom-build sailing yachts. This means that every yacht is build according to the wishes and demands of the owner. Everything is tailor made, and no two yachts are the same!

We have built yachts for designers like Gerard Dijkstra, Van de Stadt, Vripack, Hoek, Simonis Voogd, German Frers and more. For us, it doesn't really matter who designs the yacht, as long as you are happy with it! Examples are the Icon 48, Colin Archer 1860, and the new German Frers 88ft.

But, we also build yachts from a certain 'type' or 'line' as you will. The most famous ones are the Bestevaer and the Stadtship yachts.

The Bestevaer yachts are designed by Gerard Dijkstra & Partners and exclusively build by K&M. We have build yachts ranging in size from 45 ft (under construction) up to 76 feet. Within the Bestevaer brand, there are three types; the ST (straight bow) the S (spoon bow) and the C (clipper bow). We can build any of these yachts in any size.

The Stadtship yachts are designed by Van de Stadt Design and exclusively build by K&M. We have build yachts ranging in size from 47 ft up to 70 feet. For this line goes the same, we can build in any size.

Next to that we have the newer line, called the Axonite. The interior and exterior styling was done by Guido de Groot and the naval architecture came from Satellite Yacht Design. At the moment we have just finished a 69 feet version, but a smaller and larger version are developed.

Gerard Dijkstra and Partners is also the designer of the Bestewind 50. This is a serie yacht, build in GRP and at the moment only available in 50 feet. The possibilities for customizing this yacht are not as wide as for the aluminium yachts, since we work with a mold for this yacht.

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