Thursday, March 3, 2011

Program Open Day

April 16th is the day! Our Open Day!

At 10:00 hrs our doors will open, and you are welcome to start with a cup of coffee or tea in our cantina. After that, please feel free to wander around our facilities. Be amazed by the aluminum hull builders work, or have a look in a yacht that is being finished. Outside, at the water front, you can step on board of different yachts that are already delivered to their owners. And thanks to these owners we are able to show those yachts to you!

Below is our program for the Open Day

WHEN?     Saturday 16 april
TIME?       10.00 - 16.00 hrs
WHO?       Anyone with in interest in aluminium custom-built sailing yachts!
WHERE?  K&M Yachtbuilders at the De Stienplaat 7 in Makkum (Friesland in Holland).

Hull building hall:
1)    German Frers 88ft ‘Tulip’
2)    Stadtship 54

Finishing halll:
1)    Bestevaer 73S ‘Christopher’  FOR SALE
2)    Bestevaer 55ST ‘Pilgrim’
3)    Bestevaer 55ST ‘Morning Haze’
4)    Icon 48 ‘Leeloo’
5)   Bestewind 50
6)    Sloep 'Bestewind'  FOR SALE

1)    Classic Schooner ‘Mistral’ FOR SALE
2)    Bestevaer 49ST ‘Katharos’
3)  Bestevaer 49ST 'No Name'
4)    Bestevaer 53ST ‘Qerst’ (ex Alice) 
5)    Bestevaer 53ST ‘Zeerover’
6)    Bestevaer 53ST ‘Maaike Saadet’
7)    Bestevaer 65S ‘Lady Ann’  FOR SALE
8)    Stadtship 56 ‘Oester’
9)    Stadtship 56 ‘Merrimac’                                
10)    Koopmans 47 ‘Bower Bird’

12:00 hrs Mr Koen van Esch will talk about his Transat 6,50 journey. It took him -solo- from France to Brazil in three weeks. Listen to his stories and enjoy the photo's and film.

14:00 hrs Mr Kees Verruijt is the owner of the Stadtship 56 Merrimac, which is also outside. He will explain about his search for the perfect solution for navigation and control equipment on board.

There will be a concession stand for drinks and small snacks at the yard. The nautical clothing store 'Zilt' will be there also to sell clothing and accessories.

The following companies will also have Open Day in Makkum:
Gebroeders van Enkuizen

Van Malsen Jacht- en Interieurbetimmering