Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not a first weld but a first pile for K&M Yachtbuilders

About five times a year a first weld is made in a new aluminium yacht at K&M Yachtbuilders for another happy customer. But last Thursday we were the happy customer. The first pile was driven for our new business premises.

It took about an hour and a half to drive 14 piles into the ground at Stienplaat 7 in Makkum, the Netherlands. The conversion, most of which is taking place indoors, is needed because we have expanded rapidly during the last few years, in terms of both orders for custom-built yachts and personnel.

Once the conversion has been completed there will be a central foyer on the ground floor, surrounded by all the offices.  An open interior will be created by using a lot of glass partitions, low walls of no more than 1.60 m in height and a long passage connecting the various offices, almost like a jetty. The wooden floors and wall furniture give the premises a nautical accent.